Patient Access Password Security

If you use Patient Access to book appointments, order repeat prescriptions or view your medical record online, please be aware that the system is implementing two new security measures which should take effect for all users by the end of July.

Security PIN code

In line with data security best practice, there will be an additional authentication step for use when signing in to Patient Access. Users will be asked to set a five-digit security PIN code that they will need to enter when signing in to the app, as well as their password.

Mobile phone number

All Patient Access users will be requested to provide a mobile phone number if they have not done so already. This is for further authentication if a password reset is required. This is an optional security measure but is strongly recommended to help further protect your data.

All Patient Access users will be emailed with more information about these updates in the coming weeks. If you require support with these changes, please contact the Patient Access support site.